Creating a Culture of Energy Efficiency- Education Webinar

Innovative Ways to Engage the Whole School While Saving Money And The Environment  

Oct. 2, 2013, 4-5 p.m. EDT

 Education- CA Schools event

This webinar covers the best innovative practices and approaches to engaging the student body while generating cost-savings through student-led energy reduction initiatives. The school building becomes a learning lab for students to apply STEM and language arts skills while inspiring the students to create a culture of energy efficiency. This webinar also addresses specific elements that can be used to complete the Green Ribbon Schools award application.

Register below to join Alliance to Save Energy staff for a one-hour presentation highlighting some of the techniques they have used to help schools save 5 – 15% on their electricity bill through student-led behavior campaigns.

Are you seeking ways to reduce your school's energy bills, engage students in STEM learning, and lower your carbon footprint?  Join staff from the Alliance to Save Energy as we review innovative teaching methods and energy-efficiency best practices that can help you achieve Green Ribbon Schools certification.

The Alliance to Save Energy has over 18 years’ experience engaging preK-12 students in school energy efficiency.  The challenge with energy is that it is invisible; students see the results of energy but not the source.   We also recognize that today's teachers and administrators have more pressure than ever before, and classroom time is valuable. 

To address these issues the Alliance has designed new lessons that not only are aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, but use the innovative "flipped" model, making valuable instructional time more productive while engaging students in helping their schools reduce energy consumption.   The Energy Hog, a mischievous character who wastes energy, delights younger students and helps make energy visible while inspiring their innate "super hero" desires to defeat him by eliminating energy waste.  Combined with empowering students to audit their school's energy consumption and generate achievable behavior changes, these elements can help your school become more energy efficient and educated on energy best practices.

All of these no-cost ideas have been proven to work, changing the culture of schools to one of informed, involved, and empowered energy consumers.  Join us and learn more!

Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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